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July 30, 2015 / bolivarsheriff-writer

Bolivar County Deputies Attack Anyone Who Asks Questions

Today has been an interesting day. I had posted on Kelvin Williams Facebook page five questions for him to answer. Those questions were quickly removed. Why did he remove them? Because he did not want to answer them. How come? Because he does not want to answer tough questions. Since that removal, I was personally attacked by one of his “narcotics” investigators (See the images gallery below). This person wrote a lengthy summary of personal attacks and attempted to scare me with an “attorney” and then ended it with calling me a “coward.” This is a representative of Sheriff Kelvin Williams. Apparently, Kelvin wants to dodge the questions and not answer up to important ones. After I reminded this first investigator of the First Amendment allowing me to ask questions of any political figure, he quickly turned it into “I was simply introducing myself.” I’m sure Sheriff Williams taught him well.

The other two deputies decided to get involved and play the scare tactics as well. The Captain of the SWAT team himself, the SWAT Team that does not exist in Bolivar County, who refused to answer the questions himself about this matter, then dodges the other question I posed to him regarding a personal posting on his Facebook page that truly is an abhorrent image. He quickly took down all his responses, including all the other investigators and deputies on the Facebook page and yet I copied all their responses. You be the judge of this. And, this person also changed his Facebook avatar to something else in an attempt to change his identity and inform everyone of his “passion” for Sheriff Williams. Now, he is taking a break until after the election. Here are the persons responsible below in the images from the Facebook postings they put on my Facebook page and then removed them quickly. It would seem that Bolivar County Investigators play more online than they do investigating crimes in our county. They also make sick remarks and attack citizens who ask questions. Kelvin Williams has more to answer to than any other candidate because he is the sheriff and needs to answer up to them. We have witnessed today these deputies attack in the name of Kelvin Williams and will apparently continue to do so. Transparency is not in this office and clearly these questions I have asked are good ones, respectful ones, and very important ones. They have all been met with violent responses that were meant to attempt to scare me with their positions. Why does Kelvin Williams run from them and use his deputies to respond to anyone who asks tough questions? What else would these peace officers be capable of doing? You be the judge.

November 20, 2015 / bolivarsheriff-writer

The Results Are In – A Slam Dunk?

Did Your Vote Count Bolivar County?

Did Your Vote Count Bolivar County?

Almost hard to believe! WOW! General 2015 Final, The results are in and Kelvin Williams has won his re-election for Sheriff of Bolivar County. There were voting “irregularities” admitted by the circuit clerk, but upon looking at the numbers on the final results, it is just too impossible to fathom. The numbers just don’t add up when it comes down to it. The numbers that Anthony Gibson obtained were predominantly from the White districts, basically getting the vast majority “white vote.” This isn’t an attempt to separate white and black voters; it’s science that Anthony Gibson obtained the majority of the entire White vote and absolutely did not get any Black votes for the most part. I find this hard to believe.

November 2, 2015 / bolivarsheriff-writer

Make Sure You Vote On Tuesday

Make your Vote count on Tuesday, November 3rd.

Make your Vote count on Tuesday, November 3rd.

We have the opportunity to make a difference on Tuesday. We have the opportunity to vote for someone with experience and true leadership. Let’s not vote for someone with no experience; no plan; and no vision for Bolivar County. Kelvin Williams has no plan; no website; no plan of action; and no information about his next four years. Why vote for another four years to correct the last four years. There are people who are high in the community and are supporting Kelvin Williams because their children are causing trouble and are able to get out of trouble by not being arrested. This is not right because what about everyone else in the county? Favoritism should not cloud the judgement of the law. Picking and choosing who to arrest and who not to arrest based upon their affiliation with the Sheriff is a tragedy. This needs to end.

We now have a fantastic opportunity to have a new sheriff in office that will uphold the law; bring into the office a wealth of training and experience; executive leadership; morals; honesty; and a willingness to get things done for the better of our county. This person is Chief Anthony Gibson. He has a website, and on this website he has his plan spelled out and has never changed it. It is a road map for a better Bolivar County Sheriff’s Office. Please do not allow for your vote to not count by not voting on Tuesday. Your vote for Anthony Gibson will be a better vote; and a vote for change. Let’s make sure we have a new sheriff-elect after Tuesday, November 3rd.

October 27, 2015 / bolivarsheriff-writer

Bolivar County Sheriff’s Office Has No Grants from Federal Government

2009 Grant from Justice Department to Bolivar County

2009 Grant from Justice Department to Bolivar County

Sheriff Kelvin Williams stated on October 22, 2015, when referring to the purchase of new police vehicles, that these vehicles were purchased from grant money, “The grant that we got from the US Rural Development.” This is not the true. Anyone can go to and see for yourself just how many grants the entire County of Bolivar has received and where the money went. Federal agencies are required to report the name of the entity receiving the award, the amount of the award, the recipient’s location, the place of performance location, as well as other information.

The only grant the Sheriff’s Department ever obtained was back in 2009 under the administration of HM “Mack” Grimmett, and it was for the Bolivar County Regional Corrections Facility. The grant was from the US Department of Justice and was specifically used for the “Women’s Alcohol Drug Program.” There was no way that any of this money could have been used for new vehicles.

So, how were the vehicles paid for? The County Administrator refuses to answer the questions if there were any State grants available, but he did confirm no federal grants; and after checking with the State of Mississippi, no such grants were awarded apparently.

October 19, 2015 / bolivarsheriff-writer


Your decision now can change things for the better in November


The Election is two weeks away. This is a very important election and we must not let this opportunity pass us by to elect the best candidate for Sheriff of Bolivar County.

Every citizen can vote for any candidate of their choice. You do not have to vote for your party. You can vote for anyone. If you are a Democrat, you can vote for a Republican, Independent, or a Democrat. If you are a Republican, you can vote for a Democrat, Independent, or a Republican.

The point here is this; it does not matter what party you belong to; what matters is who YOU decide to vote for. Vote the person; not the party. Vote your choice this November 3rd. 

October 10, 2015 / bolivarsheriff-writer

Alleged Incident at Greenwood-leflore Hospital With Bolivar County Deputy

Greenwood-leflore Hospital, Greenwood, MS

Greenwood-leflore Hospital, Greenwood, MS

There has been an incident in Leflore County at the Greenwood-leflore Hospital involving a Bolivar County Sheriff Deputy, possibly one of their investigators. This has been verified by the Greenwood Police department that an incident did in fact take place with a Bolivar County deputy inside the hospital.

It is unclear for now as to what exactly has happened, but the sources are saying that this deputy had approached a woman who was visiting her son in the hospital and the deputy arrived at the hospital and was questioning her. What this questioning was about still remains unclear. However, there was an altercation because of it and the hospital security had to intervene. Greenwood police department won’t say at this time exactly what is going on, or who is this woman, but the Bolivar County Sheriff’s Office was notified of this incident.

Numerous attempts to verify with the Bolivar County Administration has so far produced no results. There is no response as of yet.

If anyone has any information on this incident, please feel free to contact me confidentially with your information.

October 8, 2015 / bolivarsheriff-writer

Disruption by Destruction

Elections are often held with continued heated debate of who is the best candidate and who will be the one for their community. This is the American way and our democratic process to express ourselves. But when those who are against one candidate over another begin to destroy private property of the other candidate; not only is this breaking the law, but sending a negative message. If we think about it, Robert Sanders campaign signs were never vandalized; Bob Williford’s signs were never vandalized; but only Anthony Gibson’s signs have been vandalized. It appears that someone fears this candidate.

Attempting to disrupt a campaign through destruction should not deter the people. I sure hope that whoever did this will get caught and fined for their actions. This should make the good people of Bolivar County mad and want change. Let’s make sure we make this change on November 3, 2015.

Vandalized Campaign Sign

August 27, 2015 / bolivarsheriff-writer

Sheriff’s Election Moves To November

bolivar_county_sheriffs_departmentThe official tally of the run-off election of August 25th goes to current incumbent Sheriff Kelvin Williams, Sr.. Bob Williford ran a good election, brought forward tough questions, and exposed a sheriff’s office that is badly managed and poorly run.

The election in November will decide who will be sheriff. The candidates for November 3rd are incumbent Sheriff Kelvin Williams, Sr., Chief of Police Anthony Gibson, and police officer Joe Womack. In the upcoming weeks I will sending out questions to these candidates asking them to answer them and will post them here.

In the meantime, the questions I have asked Kelvin Williams are remaining. He has refused to answer them and continues to dodge these questions. Instead, he has his deputies deflect the tough questions and attack online and everywhere else. No need to visit someone who refuses to answer. It’s very simple; the questions are there, just answer them. In the meantime, I will continue to look into several things prior to the election. Good luck to all the candidates running in November.