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October 15, 2011 / bolivarsheriff-writer

Bolivar County Clerk Refuses To Release Financials

Bolivar County Clerk

It has been two months now since I requested the financial records of all the Bolivar County Sheriff candidates for their elections.  Under the freedom of information act (FOIA) the county clerk is required to produce these records and release them to the public according to the Mississippi Secretary of State.  Ms. Kelley was generous to produce them the first time around, but she has failed to produce all the records I requested in order to understand all the money that was raised by all the candidates and where that money came from and where it was spent.

Kelvin Williams campaign used a lot of money and by the looks of the radio time he used this is a very expensive campaign and this includes all the other events and people on the streets prior to election day and on election day.  The public has a right to know who all the people are involved in this election and how much money was spent on it.

The Secretary of State requires the county clerk to produce these records on demand and should this not be the fact, further steps will be remedied by the SOS.  My calls and my messages are going unanswered and this clerk is not producing the records.  Why is this?  What does she have to hide?

It is the duty of this clerk to post this information online where there is a link to the county website where she can post this information one time for everyone to view without having to ask her for it.  It is our tax dollars that we’re paying for this website for reasons of producing information for the public and to make it easier to obtain.

Here is a link that has never been used:

This is a shame!  Information on election results are to be posted on this according to the county and these officials in our county are becoming lazy.  Why isn’t our website updated?  Why do we get excuses all the time?  This website is meant for information to be posted so that it will free up their time for other things.  If there are other links where this information is posted, then she needs to post the links on this page as well.  Pure laziness!  The county supervisors are sitting fat and happy with their jobs not producing the information to the public.  It’s time to start posting information on this county website and not pages with pictures of everyone on it.

We demand the financial records of all the candidates who ran for Bolivar County Sheriff in this past cycle and it needs to be posted online for public record.  Marilyn Kelly has failed to do this important task and is currently refusing to produce these records to the public.  Produce these records now!  My last request from August 20, 2011 has been ignored.

October 11, 2011 / bolivarsheriff-writer

Bolivar County Sheriff Race

To the dissatisfaction of a great many and those who accepted a free BBQ, the race has come down to two candidates vying for the position of Sheriff of Bolivar County.

Robert Sanders and Kelvin Williams are now the two candidates.

What people must understand are the facts, this last race was about the various political parties deciding on who will represent them as their party candidate in November.  Nothing more.

Here is my take on this race.  We have what we have and extreme amounts of money were spent on this race and the current Sheriff lost because he did not listen to the people and he did not listen to me personally.  Now, I have great respect for the Sheriff and we talked.  He and I spoke and we both respect each other and I have to say as I said in previous articles, he is a decent man and has done a lot for this county and even our country.  Thank you, Sheriff Mack!

However, he was tired and should have passed it on down which would have been the best situation instead of allowing this position to be taken by those we really do not want to be in office.  Take a look at the current candidates.  One is a school security officer and the others is a chief of police.  Who has the credentials?  It’s obvious who does, but does this candidate really want to take this position?  I’m not sure.

Robert Sanders has a chance to take this race if he gets off his lazy ass!  There you go, I said it!  Mr. Sanders, you need to start listening to the right people and you need to start lining up your ducks.  Sheriff Mack Grimmett needs to endorse you openly and that needs to happen soon.  I know the Sheriff must be upset, but I also can verify he is tired and he should not have run in the first place.  I had warned him and he had his chance.  If he wants to get back, he needs to use his own position and go around with Robert Sanders and let people see the two together and endorse the candidate.  Why?  Because he is the better candidate and we cannot afford to allow our county to be handed over to someone who will bring it down.

Mr. Sanders, I hope you get it right.

Sheriff Mack, I hope you do the right thing before you retire once and for all.  This is your last chance to do the right thing.  I would hope you give back this one last single item we are asking for you to do and start campaigning for Robert Sanders.  We ask you to do this.  We’ll see what happens.  How will you be remembered?

August 21, 2011 / bolivarsheriff-writer

What Is Best For Bolivar County?

Sheriff Grimmett

After the last election cycle we have two people left running for Sheriff.  We have Sheriff Mack Grimmett the current Sheriff of Bolivar County and Kelvin Williams, a school security officer working for the Cleveland Police Department as SRO and DARE.

I personally spoke with Sheriff Mack last week and it was a pleasant conversation and he was very personable, polite and down right honorable.  I have to say, I was impressed.  My personal ‘thank you’ goes to Sheriff Mack for taking my call and answering some tough questions.

During our conversation he gave me information about his 32 years experience on the job at Bolivar County Sheriff’s Office and here are a few items he informed me about.

  1. After 32 years in office, he is now at a point where he can now offer the agency the final changes he intends to implement for these next four years in office.  He is now ready to commit to changes that he has realized a long-time coming and now has the ability to create them.  While he does not work lighting fast, he understands what must happen and he’s well on his way in doing so.
  2. He intends to hire this coming year new people who will bring their experience and qualifications to the agency and a few hints about increasing technology.

That said, I am convinced more than ever that Sheriff Mack Grimmett should have these next four years ahead of him. Bolivar County at this juncture can last another four years under his leadership experience because Bolivar County can not afford to give it away!

I know I have been wanting change in this county for a long time, but this time we are at a cross-roads where we have to make a choice and that choice MUST be a wise decision.

This Tuesday, vote for Sheriff Mack to have these next four years. I promise you I will be on top of this campaign and his next four years ensuring he keeps his word. Thank you, Sheriff Mack for your time.

August 3, 2011 / bolivarsheriff-writer

Bolivar County Sheriff Election Results

Bolivar County Sheriff Election Results

The results are in and to my disappointment, too.  It never ceases to amaze me how so many people would sell their vote and attempt to put into office someone who is unqualified to have the position.  But, that’s how it goes and I’m NOT DONE YET with this election.

Sheriff “Mack” Grimmett has taken the lead with 3,954 votes.  (48.69%)

Kelvin Williams, Sr. has 2,753 votes. (33.90%)

My main question is: How did he get all these votes?  I have yet to compare both these candidates financial spending on what they did, but when these papers come to me,  I will be investigating them for sure and will report them right here.  I will also be finding out about money under-the-table on what’s going around the county talk-wise right now.  Guaranteed.

This election should have gone to Anthony Gibson, but it appears that too many people in our county are still hell-bent on keeping it dumb for a fried fish and soda.  I am convinced that it was money that bought what numbers were diverted in this election.  It happens all the time in this county and this time it appears too obvious.

One thing for sure is, I will be voting for Sheriff “Mack” Grimmett this time even though I don’t want to, but I have a message for the Sheriff if you are reading this.

Congratulations, sir!  You ran a campaign and you ran it well.  That’s how it goes.  It is obvious that you have more experience than Kelvin Williams and we all know this.  My vote will be going for you and when it comes time to step down and I certainly hope that you will after this one last time, please endorse someone who would be the better person which I’m certain you can.

July 30, 2011 / bolivarsheriff-writer

The Time Has Come To Choose A New Sheriff

Chief Anthony Gibson

Chief Anthony Gibson

After the last six months of conducting background checks on all candidates through public information requests and including speaking with some who would actually talk with me, it has become apparent that we now have a candidate who will be able to lead the Bolivar County Sheriff’s Office.  Who is this candidate?


Why have I chosen this man for Sheriff?  Because YOU have chosen him from all the polling and other information about him.  Because he is the ONLY qualified candidate with executive leadership experience.  He is the ONLY candidate who has a plan and spells it out.  He is the ONLY candidate that does not have a shady past where the others want to try and hide who they worked for, what their actual titles were, and then attempt to bloat their experiences up where it’s obvious they are not being completely truthful about it.  This too, including no help whatsoever from the District Attorney’s office in Bolivar County where I called her several times directly and left several messages regarding previous employment of one of the candidates.  Shame on her.

The main purpose of this entire campaign was for me to bring out the truth as much as possible.  I know I upset some candidates and I’m glad I did.  I’m not afraid of them and I’ve gotten to know them just a little bit better and bring out the real persons they are and not what they want you to think they are.  It was time to separate the inexperienced with experienced and find out the truth and allow you the citizen to choose our next sheriff and make it the right choice.  Chief Anthony Gibson ran a professional campaign and placed his entire information about him and his qualifications that match the position including producing a professional television ad that separated him from the rest.

David James wants to have three jobs and three paychecks and Kelvin Williams want you to give him on-the-job-training and both have no experience and no plan for this office and it is very obvious by their actions including their websites that do not spell out any plan and the choice is clear.  Sheriff Mack Grimmett is too old, 80 years old and after 32 years on the payroll, it’s time to retire and hand it over to the next generation.  This sheriff’s office needs help and new leadership.  This is the most important time in our history in Bolivar County and we can make that change on Tuesday and give it to the right candidate who can do the job and has shown his qualities and capabilities throughout the entire campaign.

My vote will be for Chief Anthony Gibson – He is the best qualified candidate for Bolivar County Sheriff.  Without a doubt people, don’t sell yourself short for the wrong person and don’t sell your vote for a fish-fry and beer.  Vote this Tuesday for the right person who you can place your trust with.  I’ve spelled it out for you.  Thank you.

July 27, 2011 / bolivarsheriff-writer

David James Wants To Be Chief of Police, Sheriff and Security Resource Officer At The Same Time

David James finally puts up his website. Why so long? We’ll soon find out, but there are some things on it that cause me to truly wonder about his sincere direction for Bolivar County Sheriff’s Office.

It has become apparent that David James wants to keep his current Chief of Police job while at the same time be the Sheriff of Bolivar County and continue his full-time job as Rosedale School Resoures Officer. He is bold and is informing everyone that he will have 3 jobs at the same time and collecting pay for all three of them because State law says he can do it and he is being “humble” about all of it.  QUOTE: “I humbly, do all three.”

I used to watch the old Superman Movies as a kid but this is truly crazy and over-the-top Mad Max. There is no way possible to have 3 jobs. Let’s take a look at this carefully.

David James wants to be Chief of Police of Rosedale managing this agency and its officers and conducting the duties and responsibilities along side with the city council and city staff. This is a full-time position and takes up all your time.

Now, he wants to become Sheriff and run this agency and manage the entire staff and county of Bolivar and to top it all off, still remain a full-time school resources officer. It is impossible. You might as well inform those 50 people that you really ARE NOT running for Sheriff because these people can read your intentions and see clearly you are not serious about being Sheriff. So, yes, if there are or were rumors about you not running for Sheriff, I really believe them because you are not serious about it and really want to keep your job as Chief of Police of Rosedale and School Resources Officer.

Why not step aside David James, let this election go to the best qualified person who can do the job and really wants it. That’s my advice for you. I’m coming out and saying it now, David James is running from responsiblity, not to it. When you want to collect 3 paychecks you have to have others run your business. That means we’ll have much less services and all quality will go down the drain. No, thank you!  That is not being humble.  It’s being greedy!

I wish to explain the job of Sheriff of Bolivar County. This type of leadership requires a person who has had several years experience running an agency, controlling an actual budget, hiring and discipline of employees and dealing with other members of the organization such as city council, city manager, or on county level equivelent. It does not mean having hundreds of hours of “advanced training” through various certifications for the sake of having leadership knowledge. It means, you have had the actual experience as this, preferably five years or more.

David James does not list any plan on what he intends to do for Bolivar County.

David James does not list any ideas for the Bolivar County Sheriff’s Office.

David James does not list any issues current with the Bolivar Sheriff’s Office.

David James does not have any endorsements from his peers as to his background and experienced leadership.

There is no plan or platform at all on his website to run for office of the sheriff. These websites and information are meant to confuse and bloat actual experience and capabilities of the candidate.  The time has come to truly vote for what is right, not what appears to look good on paper and collect on 3 paychecks.

July 19, 2011 / bolivarsheriff-writer

More Confusion With Kelvin Williams Website Information

I have attempted to gain the information required directly from the candidate, Kelvin Williams, regarding his credentials about being a Mississippi State Investigator and have not heard anything from him.  He has not updated his website concerning his past history about being a “State Investigator with the State of Mississippi.”

What he has changed on his website are his years of residence.  Kelvin Williams states, “I have resided in Bolivar County for 20 years.”

This was a recent change from “I have resided in Bolivar County for 11 years.”  Which is it?  Why does he change this information now?  It does not make sense and it does not justify his previous employment with the City of St. Louis as a traffic officer for 9 years.  Either Mr. Williams has forgotten how old he is, because if he were to have resided in this county for 20 years, he would be close to 60 years old.

FACT: Graduated from Ruleville High School – 1986 – Sunflower County, MS.

FACT: Lived and worked in St. Louis as a police officer and graduated Webster University, BA Management.  This is ten years of residence in a different state.  His website states: “Prior to returning to Cleveland, he served with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for over 10 years.”  There is no previous record of him living in Bolivar County before moving to St. Louis.  I welcome him to correct me on this.

I have attached images of his main page website to show you the changes he made.  I’m not sure why he made this change, but it brings more questions about his authenticity of information being told to the public.  I have said that I will bring to everyone’s attention any information about any candidates and their history especially if they post it themselves.  I will question it.

Kelvin Williams has yet to answer the questions I have asked and has failed to post them.  Changing his years of residence does not add up and is not accurate according to his own personal work history which he shows clearly on his website and Facebook group page.

Furthermore, the Bolivar County Voter Management Registration has his record of residence in Bolivar County from 10/5/2000 to present day.  This means, he has been in Bolivar County for 11 years according to his first posting on his website.  Mr. Williams, we would like to know how many years you have been in Bolivar County.  Changing your information to 20 years does not even out with official county records and your past work history.  I welcome any official corrections to this information.

Voter Registration Record of 11 years in Bolivar County

States he resided in Bolivar County 20 years

States 11 years residence in Bolivar County


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