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This site is dedicated to presenting the candidates who are running for Sheriff of Bolivar County. It is meant to inform the people of Bolivar County into the actions and decisions of the candidates and their campaigns. I plan to dig a little deeper into their records and provide you with information on their conduct, deeds, and decisions. Why are they running for Sheriff? Who are they? What have they done? Is there anything we need to know about recently and/or in the past? You will find it all out right here. I will present you with the information and when possible backed up by facts. The rest will be up to you.

This web page is not endorsing any specific candidate! Let’s make this clear. We’re going to offer a little more information into the backgrounds this time around and some of it might be positive; and some of it might be not so positive. You will decide on what you read and what I present here for you. It’s going to be interesting and since being the Sheriff of the second largest county in our State; we need to ensure that we have the right candidate and person who will handle this position with dignity, honor, and integrity. Thus far, we have seen the worst¬†leadership this county has ever witnessed.

Bolivar County Sheriff

Bolivar County Sheriff

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